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Copper Rod 8 mm 99.97% | Dinu Exports
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Copper Rod 8 mm 99.97%

Copper Rod 8 mm 99.97%


REF NO: Copper Rod 8mm – 146/837/03
Validity of Price: 14 DAYS

We, Dinu Exports LLC with full legal and corporate responsibility, and with full knowledge of the act of fraud, and as an “End Seller, Dubai company”, declare with full corporate responsibility and authority, that we are ready, willing and able to provide the following product to the “End Buyer”,



QUANTITY: MOQ 100 MT per month, max 5000 MT per month, 12 months contract

LOADING PORT: Jebel Ali port, Dubai

DESTINATION PORT: FOB Jebel Ali port, Dubai

DELIVERY: Within max 5 days of signing a contract AND receiving POF

Irrevocable, non-transferable, 100% DLC, payable at loading port after inspection and shipping documents, FOB price is LME+$325

1. Commodity: Copper Rod 8mm, LME non registered
2. Quality: Cu 99.99%-99.97%
3. Country of Origin: Dubai, UAE. Direct from factory
4. Dimension: Coil outer diameter of 1750mm and inner diameter of 900mm
5. Net weight of each coil: 4050 kg to 4150 kg
6. Min weight in each container: 20 MT
7. Gross weight of each container: 22.20 MT approximately
9. Packing: In container, coil loaded with pallets covered with polythene sheet

By Irrevocable, Confirmed, non-transferable DLC payable at loading port as per shipment quantity. Quality and quantity certifications will be done by either SGS/AHK/AS.

1. Seller issues FCO.
2. Buyer will provide ICPO (copy entire text of FCO on end buyer’s letter head, add banking details, stamp and sign) AND BCL or MT799 swift message to our Dubai company bank account to check POF.
3. The Seller will issue the DRAFT contract and buyer must amend it and return it to seller via email.
4. Contract must be signed by seller and buyer within FIVE (5) working days.
5. PLEASE NOTE: This offer is time-sensitive. If buyer does not execute and remit this contract agreement to seller within FIVE (5) Working Days, then this agreement is terminated without further notice unless a written permission is received from the buyer.
6. Buyer within 3 (three) Banking days after acceptance of the contract, will notify their bank to issue non-operative and non-transferable DLC of first shipment supply in favor of seller. Then buyer can inspect material at port.
7. Seller will start shipping at Dubai port. Seller will provide SGS/AHK/AS certification of quantity and quality at loading port. DLC payable at loading port against inspection and documents. Same process will repeat for the entire contract period.

Copper (Cu) 99.97% min-99.99% max
Other materials may be present which are described below:
Oxygen O2 100-650
Sulphur S 15 PPM
Iron Fe 10 PPM
Silver Ag 25 PPM
Lead Pb 5 PPM
Nickel Ni 10 PPM
Selenium Se 2 PPM
Antimony Sb 4 PPM
Conductivity 100 %
Resistivity 0.017 Mm2
Arsenic As 5 PPM
Bismuth Bi 1 PPM
Elongation 250mm 30 %
Tellurium Te 2 PPM
Tensile Test MPa 200 MPaM
Tin Sn 5 PPM
Surface Oxide 1000 A mPM

For Dinu Exports LLC,

Email: info@dinuexports.com